About Clicksandco.

Clicks and co. provides a broad spectrum of Digital Marketing over traditional marketing practices. We have various solutions to empower your business and smartly reach at your business goals. Clicks and co. digital marketing agency effectively address your marketing needs and a way by which you can step ahead to earn more & more profits. In the current market situation you need to be ahead of your competitors and counter attack challenges posed by them by using new digital marketing tricks we are trusted digital marketing agency in Pune and believe to be different and unique and provide a complete to your business needs right from Mobile and Web application development, social media marketing, SEO, Mobile marketing Services and also includes traditional marketing services. You will be always ahead and ahead in business race and can putfouth your products qualities to mass customers by using digital marketing tools with one of best digital marketing agency in Pune.

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Work Flow

Our Working Process

First we determine your situation and analyze the market response accordingly.

After that, we prepare road map and set goals, to promote your business.

Then we lay the ground work according to the road map and devise a strategy.

Then as per the objective, we follow white hat creative approach for any problem resolution.

Then we set the plan in motion for promotion of your business and act accordingly.

After everything has been set and done, we gain control to help boost your ranking.

Our Vision

We believe that every person has the eight to conduct a successful business and we, with our continuous effort, dedication and passion, will see through every problems and challenges that we may come across in the future, for ourselves as well as everyone who believes in us. So that one day, our deeds will be an affirmative cause for expansion of many business institutions.

digital marketing agency in pune


Meet Our Team

Ruthik Nahar

CEO, Marketing Head

Priyanka Metha

Creative Head, Social Media Analyst

Aman Singh

Thinker, Content Writer

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