IVR Calls

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IVR calls

Having trouble in handling unnecessary or shrouded queries or executing large database of queries at once, then IVR Call programmer is for you. With IVR (interactive voice response) call programmer, you can reach out and resolve queries of each and every one of your customer, in short IVR campaign is the best form

of ad campaigning method. So do check it out.

Get voice for your business

We can generate genuine and organic traffic by boosting your website’s ranking in various search engines by optimizing you website according to search engine policy and guidelines. So that you can establish your brand’s popularity and relevancy, while in the process of boosting ranks, you can boost your future business opportunities. As to why these ranking is important? It’s because with top rank comes top opportunities

Process of work

Our SOSTAC approach !!!!

SOSTAC approach is designed by Clicks and Co. for smoothly conducting marketing operations. SOSTAC is described by 6 phases of marketing operations and they are Situation, Objective, Strategy, Tactics, Control, and Action.


First, we determine your situation and analyze the market response accordingly


After that, we prepare road map and set goals, to promote your business.


Then we lay the ground work according to the road map and devise a strategy.


Then as per the objective, we follow the white hat creative approach for any problem resolution.


After everything has been set and done, we gain control to help boost your ranking.


After everything has been set and done, we gain control to help boost your ranking.