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Software Development

Clicks and co, a Software Development Company in Pune, develops software for locals as well as international businesses and institutions,

If you are running any form of organization, whether profit or nonprofit, you are going to need software for better business management and policy execution and who better than a Software Development Company in Pune, clicks and co. to help you with that

So you're looking to ease up your workload with a better and efficient business model, then you'll need software which means you need us, clicks and co. is a top Software Development Company in Pune.

Life would be much easier if I had the source code of my life.

Do you need a software to run your business more efficiently? Well, we are here, to manage your programming and coding requirements. We provide options, so that you can provide options to your customer as well. So please do check this service as well. This service is an excruciating factor between, simply owning a successful business as well as running a business successfully.

Process of work

Our SOSTAC approach !!!!

SOSTAC approach is designed by Clicks and Co. for smoothly conducting marketing operations. SOSTAC is described by 6 phases of marketing operations and they are Situation, Objective, Strategy, Tactics, Control, and Action.


First, we determine your situation and analyze the market response accordingly


After that, we prepare road map and set goals, to promote your business.


Then we lay the ground work according to the road map and devise a strategy.


Then as per the objective, we follow the white hat creative approach for any problem resolution.


After everything has been set and done, we gain control to help boost your ranking.


After everything has been set and done, we gain control to help boost your ranking.


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